Nytt ljud i hjälmen.

Ok för cardo’s egna små högtalare som duger till tal men ha någon form musik i hjälmen där bas är obefintlig. Det dög inte. Nu var det så att jag sprang in på media markt och hittade mig ett par Koss Porta Pro. Ica Maxi sålde dessa för 250 kr, så MM kan ju inte vara sämre.

Enorm skillnad. På långturer är det skönt med lite ljud i form av musik eller ljudbok. Radion fungerar ju sådär.

Sedan fixa jag till kontantström till kameran. Så nu behöver jag inte oroa mig för batteritorsk, snarare att minneskorten tar slut istället för att jag filmar för mycket. ”Dremlade” lite precis där Microkontakten skall sitta och putsade till. Sedan la jag lite silicon över kontakten i fall att, som jag senare lägger ett litet knivsnitt, så att jag kan ta ur kontakten.


Konstant ström till kameran. Nytt ljud i hjälmen.

Konstant ström till kameran. Nytt ljud i hjälmen.

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  1. I love Google Translator – my Swedish is sooooo poor! 😉

    Sounds very interesting! So you only took the new headphone and disassembled it? I also own a Cardo Scala Rider G9 and I am very disapointed with its sound. Seems to be pretty easy to replace the original Cardo speakers with the Koss speakers… 30 minutes, a little bit of soldering and everything’s done?

  2. Yes. Kind of tricky to dismount the old velcro and pull out the cable. Used the velchro and attached it on the koss speaker since I’ve got also velchro in the helmet to fixate the speaker. It’s a 30 minutes job maximum.

    Think your Swedish is excellent. You understand everything I wrote..

    Have an earlier installation in this thread

  3. Thanks, Magnus! The velcro is not so important because my Nolan helmet has cutouts for the speakers… look here:

    So it’s pretty easy to mount the Koss parts into the N104. Do they have the same diameter as the Cardo speakers?

    I trust in your experiences and will order my Koss headphone this afternoon. Now I should better do some work because my boss may not be very delighted if I do private things all the morning *grin*

  4. The diameter of the Koss headphone is a little bigger. Around 45mm and 4 mm deep. The center tap that holds the speaker to the headstrap can easily be removed with a pliers if it builds out to much. The closer the headphone is to your ear, the better sound.

  5. Ah, fine. Five minutes ago I found the Koss KSC75 headphone. The (German) descriptions @Amazon say that this one uses the same speakers as the Porta Pro but there’s no head ”bracket”. It costs only 15 € so I think I’ll order this one. Funny thing: because of late delivery of an Amazon Prime article they gave me a 10 € coupon so the headphone will cost only 5 € 😀

    At the moment the Cardo speakers fit perfectly in the helmet’s cutouts so I will have to use my Dremel to make the cutouts a little bit bigger. Not really a problem for ”Frickelmaster” 🙂

    Thanks for your hints and tipps! Maybe I will take some pics and write another posting in my blog 😉

  6. Hi Magnus,

    yesterday I finished the stuff – now the Koss speakers are mounted in my helmet. Sounds nice! Because of rain we weren’t able to test it while riding the Varadero but I’m confident that the rain will stop soon.

    It was necessary to expand the speaker’s cutouts a little bit (and I made a mess on my workbench) but now it fits very good!

    I was too lazy to make some pics for my blog… 🙂

    Thanks for your tipps!

  7. Nice to hear, Armin!!

    So bad weather? That is what we always have here in scandinavia.

    I’m also got a new sound.. From rear pipes’!

  8. Hi Magnus! Good news! The rain became warmer – it guess it will be summer in a few months! 😉

    Yesterday my buddy checked the new speakers in my helmet and liked the sound very much. Since he and a soldering iron never will become friends he asked me to prepare his helmet, too. It’s very funny to solder those headphone wires, isn’t it?

    Tomorrow is bank holiday in Germany and because of the bad weather forecast we decided not to go on tour but to prepare my buddy’s helmet and his GoPro USB power supplies… so it will be a ”frickel” day 🙂

  9. Few Months??? This spring were so late that we have winter in a few months again.. 😉
    We also got a day of tomorrow. We call it a red day, since red days always are sundays. For once it includes me, otherwise I use to work no mather what calendar says. Got my yearly shedule with a plan for 104 days off. Supposed to called weekend but can be a wednesday.

    Got problems with my Cardo G9. Can’t remember all settings how to push and in what sequence to get all gadgets connected. It’s clear that the zumo and phone collide connected to the G9 at the same time, so one needs to be unpaired with the G9

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