Varadero International meeting was held for the 19th time. Annual in every whitsun weekend.

This year 39 participants joined the meeting in Gotland, Sweden at the Sudersand Resort Camping

Dinner and breakfast was served at Vinor Krog and it is a totally recommended spot for bikers in the little island Fårö, north of mainisland Gotland.

Visitors from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Israel, Netherlands, New Zeeland, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland maked this a meeting showing same hospitality and friendship like the other 18. Next meeting will be held in Andorra so we are really using all corners of Europe in our locations.

First pictures, then a video of roads and other stuff in resume of the whole meeting.

Lot of work to get this meeting going in planning and solving. It has worked like a charm and top of the notch no accidents or bikes that didn’t run. After all many of the guests thanked me but it is me that should thank for the hospitality and kindness to attend to this meeting. After all it is the participants who makes the meeting.

Also made a video, with more than just images, suitable roads and the beach…


Feel free to comment, it is always valued with responses and reflections

av Skye

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