A year shown in 20 minutes
Met old friends, met new friends. Two rear tyre and one front tyre changed.
Most of all I had a splendid time on my motorcycle which the video can explain
First visit ever to Gotland, 3 times in Norway, 10 days on a journey in Finland, that also provide the theme for the video, the annual Lidhult Weekend and 1st visit on the Ruskträff. That summarys about 15000 km ride this season.
Did a ride in Samos Island also, quite fun to ride the varadero there

Spring started in a slow pace and wasn’t really warm until the end of April and the season really started.
Than it all begun with all sparetime on the bike. The old carburator Varadero was swapped to a little more suited for gravel KTM 640

Well.. Pictures says more than 1000 words. Video summaries all impressions from the 2017.

Mirror Vimeo:



av Skye

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