Oljebyte 82016 km



Provar en ny olja. Blev en BelRay helsyntet 15W-50. 1200 mil fick Motul 5100 10w-40. Varit klonkfri i växellådan och hade tagit den igen om jag inte fick ett så bra pris av motoaction.se för 399:- i höstas. Sorry Saarela i Norr 😉

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  1. Hi Magnus,

    be careful with fully synthetic oils! My Varadero (and some others) didn’t like it at all – the clutch began to slip! After I changed back to half synthetic oil 10W40 (the cheap one from Louis ;-)) everything worked fine again.
    So if you discover any problems concerning the clutch the fully synthetic oil could be the reason…

  2. Thanx Armin for info.

    Best oil so far has been Motul 5100. With castrol power 1 and cheaper brands gearbox starts ”klonk” and hard to get in the gears in around 3000 km.

    Do you know how to adjust the throttle? Have a gap from fully reversed to action begins in 8-10 mm, really annoying. There is an adjuster on one of the throttle cables but not sure if it will help tuning on it.

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