Wanted som White and Amber lights in front to use as flash when Hazard is needed or that I want to make attention to the car in front of me.

I found those and it was also red and blue colors.
The function with the wired remote is on/off en the button is to choose from 9 different patterns with a short push and and long 3 second push change the colors from White/Amber/Blue&Red

Since I all ready got some empty switches I used that one to use as on/off button. I drilled another hole in the inner cowl and had waterproof pushbutton that I will use to change the pattern/colors

Mounted the LED Bar directly to the inner cowl with a wooden screw directly into the plastic. Since the plastic is flexing there won’t be an vibrations and the lamps are tight. Some adjustments to the brackets and and it was an easy install.

Had to cut the wire between the LED Ramps so I could hide the cable. Just used an honda original 4 coupling and easy done

av Skye

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