Cheap Camcorder from China. Paid about €80 and its a fair price.
Didn’t expect any miracle with this thing, just a plain camera that can be useful for more easy access, no need to remove gloves. Just flip out the screen and start filming or take a picture.

Have a lot of clips from the motorbike but from the stops or things in the surrounding, there is nada to show. That is the reason I bought this camera.

It supports both the TF micro card and the bigger SD card, I’m using a 32GB SD card since its leftovers from my 7 year old Gopro Hero that I’m not using that much that I need multiple cards.
It can charge while I’m using it. Since the flip-screen need to be open when using it and to reach the outlets from the camera you have to open the lid.
Battery will hold for a while, quite big with its 2500mAh

Connect it to Wi-Fi, use the dedicated app and voila. You can use your smartphone, tablet and watch the scenes. Share it on social media and use the app as remote.

I will have this camera mostly in the garage. Instead of using the phone, I will use it to taking pictures and movies when upgrading my bikes or show solutions.
It will be a form a webcam and since it so easy to share, a lot of tutorials can be made uploaded to youtube etc.

That was the pro. Now to the cons…

Miss an input for an external microphone. Even if the in-built microphone is quite good that would be great to connect a better mike in a distance.
When coming to cheap cameras like this, stabilizer is often the bottleneck, the culprit. When using zoom, you need to be steady on your hand.

But actually, think this camera does its job well. Seems okay to use and picture quality, well. I can see what’s into the clips and don’t think its bad quality.

Did a video. Can’t show the 4K quality but quite satisfied with the 1080p mode, since everything else I record is in that mode.
Bought the 4K to get the latest technology for the 1080p 😉
Be your own judge



av Skye

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