The audio transfer between the computer and the streaming software, like OBS or BUTT

Tricket is called Virtual Audio Cable Hi-Fi – Creates one or several audio outputs like an extra soundcard.

Windows audio driver descriptions

MME, WASAPI, and WDM are Windows OS-specific audio drivers. With these drivers, audio is streamed through the OS, which is then sent to an internal sound card or external audio interface. ASIO, on the other hand, streams the audio directly into the interface without the OS needing to process it first

So we will use the Virtual Hi-Fi cable (Soundcard) to have a lossless and more dynamic audio transfer without any unnecessary processes or interruptions.


Install as Adminstrator in your PC.

More info about how this works. Other software like Voicemeeter, Voicemeeter Banana (3 channel mixer) and Voicemeeter Potato (8 channel mixer) are availble at same site as Virtual Audio cable. (Free donation ware):


Do a config, restart the PC so that drivers are installed. After that you need to get to your control panel and sound settings to do another config of your source.

Important to get the source from 48000 kHz to 44100 kHz cause that is another process that will be made to convert the bitrate. Which is an unnecessary process just making conflicts with your soundcard.
Windows has 48000 kHz as default for no use than giving problem. All music are recorded in 44100 khz

Transfer of sound will run smoother and with better latency options and no glitches that can be provided

Open Control panel ->Sound->Mark the Hi-Fi and click properties.

The advance tab will let you change to 16-bit, 44100 Hz. Apply and close window.

Then add to your streaming client the Virtual Audio cable sound source.
Remember that your USB cables are also important. Too long and they will lose voltage and transfer rate

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