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”My good friend Skye from Sweden will arrange an event in Norwey 26-28 juni 2015. Weekend is arranged in atmosphere from social connections, whatever brand the MC carries. Saturday will be a real long tour over the mountains in Telemark and over to Agder in west Norway and the antlantic coast. Sort of geo-cache, orienteer with taken photos of pre-decide Waypoints. Diploma and honoring the participants saturday evening where you will enjoy the light from a sun that never really sets. /Freddy 

Start: 27th June – 2015 @ 07:00

Skye’s Fjelltur motorcycle in Norway.
In an early stage we hopes this can be an annual event and add more participants. It has to be test of how its run before we continue. So there for a small scale and next year other routes can be provided.

Gathering in Notodden Mc-camp along Notoddens small airfield 26th of June, 2015. Map are availble in the show/hide details link. A lot to be explained and questions can be asked.

Saturday june 27th @ 0700 the first starters are on the way and will be back 13-15 hours later hopefully. A tour over 750 kilometers around the lovely mountains and down to the valleys. The route will be able to download to GPS in advance but a roadbook will be presented how and what to do in the Waypoints that are in the file. We are there to help out with the electronics and so that everything else is working during the tour. We are also reachable via mobilephones during the day to help out as much as we can.

The participant should bring a digitalcamera to document certain places that the roadbook provides. A picture tells all about how the photo should look like and some other targets that will be a secret until the roadbooks are given out.

Depending how many bikes that will take part at the event you can choose from ride alone or in a team of 3-4 bikes. This is to prevent the long road line of bikes and have to wait for the last bike be seen in the mirror and different starttimes will also be presented. 7,5 minute between the riding groups It is always much safer if there is more people if an accident occurs and easier to follow the lead rider. The leaddriver has a huge responsible and could be an advice to change that person too along the way. This a squiggly tour, lots of corners, twisty hairpins, up in the mountains and down to the valley. Elevation will be between 800-1300m at the summits.

Take it easy. It is no race and we will have in mind all the time that security is the first thing to think of. We shall also will be see something of the surroundings. Guarenteed that a new postcard will reveal every 20 second.
Fuelstops and photographing will also take some time. There for it is good that there is room between the groups.

Type of bike is a minor concern. A light stretch of easy gravel for 5-10 km. It is a private made road but MC’s are allowed to pass without paying toll.

Lunch will be provided and stop in half of the tour done. Bring your own bottles, cans and cutlery. @start you will have your lunchpack with you. Water is provided along the way in service areas and free to drink. Just fill up your bottles cause it is important to drink much.

The evening will end with a barbeque and hopefully much chats about the day had been. A small cermony and diploma and badges will be given to accomplished route. There for we will know what bike you are at so it can be wrote down in the diploma. 

There is no guarntees about the weather. In west of Norway it can go from sunshine to rain in minutes. Be prepared and a form of rainsuit to put on is recommended.
Passangers are allowed, just add that you are two when register.

Price per participant is set to 350 SEK. That includes breakfast, lunch, barbeque, roadbook, stickers and badges for completing the tour. Also a breakfast meal before leaving on sunday back to home. Friday evening it is up to anyone eat what they prefer, since we all arriving in different times.

Refund will not be made. This is due to not overbook and then pull out in last moment where others might wanted the spot. Money will go to charity if participations will have to withdrawn the attendance.

Own booking of  cabin or tentspot.
If you like to share a cabin, use the commentary option of the mainsite (Swedish)

Down the document you will find the booking and payform.

The window for booking will close May 22th 2015 and all should have been paid. This is due to the orgateam do this for free and it is a nonprofet event. A cost price to keep down attendances food costs. Buy your own and spend time to find it will not be a bargain in Norway.

20 bikes and two Marshalls are set to max attendance in this early stage. A waiting list is also present if we choose to open for more attendances

See You in the Fjells!!
Skye & Jörgen

Swedish site 


Links and files are just examples yet. The real route will come out 25th of May
A rough route : Google maps


GPS to be downloaded for GPS in formats of *.gpx, *.gpd and *.txt
Then when finished you only show your camera screen to us and perhaps a goldmedal will be hand out.


Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Booking and registration will close 22th May 2015.

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Questions and Worries can be posted in the commentary field.
Leave a comment, click on this line
F.A.Q can be made in later upgrades


Those are booked to ride in Skye’s Fjelltur

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