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  1. Hi Magnus,

    Great video, what a log journey resumed in such a short time, great idea you had.
    What a pity I only saw you as I went passed you aftre Orange, its was impossible to turn back unless many extra kilometers to reach you.

    I also got a GO PRO, what did you do to set the timelapse on your trip from Sweden, what was the rythme of shots?

    I have also got some footage, but got to find the time to do the editing now.

    See you.

    HUSKY26 Jean-Marc and Lulu

  2. Thanx for your comment Jean-Marc. Nice also to get aquinted to you in Tamarit!

    Aware of the problems to turn in the autoroute but your concern did get me the extra to get going again 🙂

    Used my old SD Wide GoPro with setting to take a picture every 60 second. Unfortuneatly the camera need to be switched on all time so batterytime is an issue. Used 10 batteries and tried to charge them. You never know how long they will last and you can’t see when the camera switching off.

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