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Tydligen för svår konstruktion och finns inte med på youtube hur man byter. Bättre då att sätta rullen under och så får någon annan slänga. För det är vad det handlar om

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  1. Hi Magnus,

    read your site via Google Translator because my Swedish … ehm… I don’t understand one word 😉

    But this problem seems to be the same all over Europe! My kids (14 and 19 years old) do the same… maybe it’s a very good idea to put a ”how-to video” on Youbook* or Facetube*? [* (c) by James May of Top Gear]

    Greetings from Germany

  2. Hello Armin and thanx for visiting my place.
    The problem about youths must be all over the western world. The step to still wiping their ass isn’t far.. I will do a video and send it to James.

    German and swedish actually have very much similar words. Searching a lot in German stores to find parts and accesoars to my varadero. Maybe you got a tip, cause I need new exhausts and a cam tensioner. German stores are cheaper than swedish.

    Thanx to google translate I can keep Swedish but thinking about to convert it into english. Huge work but maybe has to be done.

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