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Såg ett erbjudande i China jag inte kunde motstå. Har kikat efter ett helkroppsskydd då det dök upp ett för 250 kr. Enligt bilderna såg det helt okay ut och så dåligt kan det ju inte vara. Till och med Lidl har ju sålt ryggskydd för 390 kr som nått bra mycket högre kvalité i testerna mot skydd som kostat runt 1500kr.

Det finns ju skydd i jackan och min bedömning när jag tog ut ryggskyddet i den och tittade närmare på ryggskyddet är att jag kunde köpt en sån där ”sittplätt” i skumplast för 10 kr och skurit till själv. Samma kvalité

Probiker HX-P13

Nu ska det testas. Jag vet ju iofs inte hur det blir om jag kraschar men det verkar bra mycket bättre. Jag har redan en liknande ryggskena med njurbälte som gick på 890 kr som om jag jämför verkar vara ungefär likvärdig.

Denna bild säger väl sitt..


Jämför själva. Skydd till vänster jämfört med de som finns ”default” i jackan.

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  1. Hi Magnus,

    well done! At the moment I’m thinking about buying a new ”turtle” for my back because there are two ”season start” offers from Polo and Louis. Both shops are less than 20 km away from my home and my old back protector is old enough to be changed. Maybe tomorrow I’ll buy a new one…

    During my Dolomites tour In 2011 I unintentionally touched the ground because of fine gravel in one curve (which I didn’t see without my glasses ;-)). Fortunately my speed was only 38 km/h but this was enough to fully destroy the knee area of my motorcycle pant including its protector. Despite the very low speed the Cordura fabric,the lower fabric, the Goretex membrane and the knee protector were destroyed – the rest of the speed was reduced by my knee (Ouch!). In my opinion this should not happen when wearing high quality protective clothing…

    The pant was made by a well-known German company (four letters, beginning with ”B” and ending with ”se”, in-between a Umlaut-u ;-)) but they did not feel responsible for the trash they sold! I attached a picture of the knee protector – remember: the speed was quite low!

    Although my knee protector complied with the European standard EN1621-2 there seems to be a big difference between ”high quality” and ”no quality”. Hopefully your new protective shirt is one of the better ones! I’ll cross my fingers that there’s no need to test it – but it’s a good and safe feeling to wear it, right?

    Have a nice and crash-free biking season 2014!


  2. Hallo Armin meine deutsche freunde mit varadero und ”gizmo” sharing interest..

    Remember that accident you had, viewed the video of it. Seem quite slow but in the end it is friction that burn the clothes. To much vinyl in it. Best trousers we can wear is leather and crash-pads in clothing are moveable so it is just how you fall to get protection or not. I’m there are armor-trousers also but think it is little to much. There is a hazard to drive motorcycle, we are unsafe in that enviroment but we cant dress so we are unmoveable. Sometimes we have to find an alternative that we are satisfied with.. If the unluck is there, just pray bodyparts not need to be taken away.

    Don’t think my new upperbody will save me so I’m still cautious and fall-techique is also a way to get out of it. I have crashed in my earlier years on roller-skates. The old type before inlines, looked like a skateboard on each foot. Was going straight downhill in 65 km/h when a gust of wind hook me up and I had no other choice than just lay domwn and slide along the asphalt. But it saved me from broken bones. I was just wearing some adidas training pants and a t-shirt. Those pants melted into the skin but the most ache I had was in left hands fingertips. Two fingers had I let slide and it was burning afterwards.

    I got out today and see how my body-armor felt driving. If it was obstacle in my movement or other things disturbing but it went fine. It also working like a second sweatshirt. Those airholes in lining give it extra warmth. The reason I bought this is not just for protection. When in southern Europe a hot day it is to hot to wear a jacket suited for Scandinavian climate. Since there is no protectors in the jacket it is easy to pack it and stuff it away in the panniers or topbox and drive only with the armor jacket. Better than nothing or a jacket unzipped.

    There was also other gadgets arriving from HongKong today. Dunno yet if I gonna do a fully installation or just use the cig-plug-sockets to plug in when it’s needed. It is just to change the glass from orange to blue if you see what I mean.. 😉

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